2015 Region 8 Championship Information

The 2015 Region VIII Championship will be hosted by The Gymnastics Revolution (TGR) on April 9-12 in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The Championship Website is now up and running.  The site contains general information, travel and hotel information, and a tentative schedule.  The qualification procedure has not been set yet.

Region VIII Championship Website

2015 Qualification Procedure – includes allotment numbers
2015 Regional Club Entry Form - all clubs must fill out and bring along with a club check to state championship

2015 USAG Academic All-American Award

The 2015 USAG Acacdemic All-American Award has been posted on the USAG website.  This award is open to all 9th-12th male gymnast who have a 3.5 GPA or higher.  Early Bird deadline is March 15th and final date to submit application is April 1st.

2015 USAG Academic All-American Award

 2015 USAG Academic All-American Award

The 2015 NC Academic All-American Award has now been posted.  This award is open to any male gymnast in grades 3rd – 12th grade who has a 3.5 GPA or higher (or an equlivant to this).  The application in full must be received by Friday, March 5 in order for your son to be considered for the award.

2015 NC Academic All-American Award Application


NC State Meet and General Allotment Information

We are at the time of the year where we need to get the information to determine the number of athletes in North Carolina that will help to create the allotment numbers for the 2015 Region 8 Championship.  However, there is a slight change to this year form and the gathering of information.  This year the JOPC has mandated that each region send in their number of Level 8-10 gymnast to them by February 5.  With this mandate from the JOPC, the Region 8 Board has decided to make a slight adjustment to how we get the number of athletes at each level for each club the following changes to the gather club numbers to not only get our allotment numbers to the Region 8 Championship, but also ensure we pass along the most accurate numbers to the JOPC.

For this reason, the general allotment form that you send in will also serve as your clubs state meet entry form.  By sending in the athletes in your club that will be competing at the state championship, we will have the most accurate numbers possible to determine each states allotment numbers as well as numbers to send in to the JOPC.

Here are the specifics regarding the filling out of the form as well as it you will handle payment for state championship:

General Allotment Form and State Championship Entry Form Information:

  1. You must USE NC Men’s Website (on link as well as competition page)
    • Do not modify the form or change anything on it.  The form also has directions on how to fill it out
  2. Our states allotment is based on the total number of athletes that turned in on the form by the deadline.
  3. A gym that does not turn in the form or athletes  are not listed on the form by the required date, will void the gyms or specific athletes opportunity to attend the 2015 Region 8 Championship, but they will still be allowed to attend the State Championship.
  4. All Level 4 – 10 athletes that will be competing at the state championship must be listed on the form.
    • ONLY Level 5-10 will be eligible to attend the Region 8 Championship.
    • The level 4 need to be listed as this also is the state championship entry form.
    • If an athlete is unable to compete in states due to an injury, but you plan to petition him to Regionals he MUST be listed on the form
    • For Level 8 -10, you will need to indicate whether they will be competing Junior Olympic (JO) or Junior Elite (JE)
    • You also need to list the teams that will be competing at the state championship. (this has nothing to do with allotment, but since serves as state meet entry it needs to be there as well)
  5. If your club does not return the form or it is not filled out accurately, it will cost your athletes their spot at the 2015 Region 8 Championship

Important Dates To Adhere To:
***January 31stAll Entries will be due via email to Benji Stern (ncmensgymnastics@gmail.com)- please note NEW EMAIL ADDRES
***February 28, 2015 – Payments Due for NC Men’s State Championship (payments made out and sent to Foothills Gymnastics)
***March 10, 2015 – Deadline for Scratches and Refund Request

Not only will your athletes not be eligible for the Region 8 Championship, but you also hurt our state allotment numbers.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.  Thanks for making this a priority.

NC Men’s Gymnastics Updates

We have several updates regarding events in NC Men’s Gymnastics.

Zenith Snowman Classic

The Zenith Snowman Classic (2nd NC Qualifier) will be hosted December 13-14, 2014 at Zenith Gymnastics in Charlotte, NC.  The entry deadline for the competition is November 14, 2014. Preliminary Information has been posted on the NC Competition Page.

Blue Ridge Gymnastics Meet 

The Blue Ridge Gymnastics Meet (3rd NC Qualifier) will be hosted January 10-11, 2015 at Blue Ridge Gymnastics in Martinsville, VA.  The entry deadline for the competition is December 12, 2014. Preliminary Information has been posted on the NC Competition Page.


NC Men’s State Clinic

The 2014 NC State Clinic will take place the weekend of August 23-24 at Foothills Gymnastics.  The 2014 NC Men’s State Clinic will give Level 5 – 10 gymnast the opportunity to come together and work with NC Master Coaching Staff.

All information regarding the clinic including General Information, Official Entry Form, and more information can be found on the NC Men’s State Clinic Page.  This page is under the NC Clinic and Camps Tab

Region 8 Clinic, Future Stars, and Technical Sequence Information

Region 8 Clinic – This year the Region 8 Clinic will be held October 17-18 at Roswell Gymnastics in Roswell This clinic is open to all  Level 8 – 10 athletes for the 14-15 season. 

* Link to Region 8 Clinic Information

Region 8 Future Stars and Technical Sequence – This year the Region 8 Future Stars and Technical Sequence Evaluation will be held October 4 at Sun Country Gymnastics in Gainesville, FL. 

Link to Region 8 Future Stars and Technical Sequence Information


Region 8 Championship Final Schedule

The Final Competition Schedule has been posted online.  Following the links below to get the final schedule.

Final Schedule - link on the side bar
Region 8 Championship Website

JO National Championship Update

The following updates are now available:

Welcome NC Men’s Gymnastics Community

I would like to welcome everyone to the new NC Men’s Gymnastics Website.  This site is still be worked on and updated, but you can find information for the 2013 – 2014 season already posted above.  However, one of the nice features of the new site is it can be updated from anywhere.  Please bookmark the site and check back to see what is new and happening in NC Men’s Gymnastics.

If you have questions or are in need of information regarding NC Men’s Gymnastics, Region 8 Gymnastics, or gymnastics in general please use the contact form above to send Benji Stern, NC Men’s State Chairman, a quick note.