2014 NC Elite Team Camp

We would like to congratulate on being selected to attend the 2014 NC Men’s Elite Team Camp.  The camp will be hosted at eNeRGy Kidz the weekend of July 18-20, 2015.  The NC State Elite Team Camp will have a strong main focus on developing strong basic skills to become stronger optional gymnast along with introducing the gymnast to the Future Stars Program. Gymnast will have the opportunity to work with the NC Elite Coaching Staff who will give instruction on skill development, information on judging, as well as the Future Stars program. Gymnasts from Level 5 – 10 were selected based on rank order in the All-Around from the 2014 NC State Championship.

* Gymnast will attend the camp at the session based on their level from 2014 NC Men’s State Championship, not based on what they are competing during the 14-15 season.

Elite Team Camp Qualifiers List -

Full Registration Elite Camp Documents - Registration Packet and Fee Must Be Received No Later Than Wednesday, July 9 to secure spot. Any registration received after this date are not guaranteed.


Region 8 Championship Final Schedule

The Final Competition Schedule has been posted online.  Following the links below to get the final schedule.

Final Schedule - link on the side bar
Region 8 Championship Website

JO National Championship Update

The following updates are now available:

2014 NC Regional Level 5 and Level 6 Qualifiers

I would like to congratulate all NC gymnast on their outstanding performance at this past weekends state championship.  It was some of the best gymnastics we seen at the state meet in a long time.  As you know all level 7 – 10 gymnast qualified for the 2014 Region 8 Championship this weekend.  However, in the level 5 and level 6 we have an allotment for how many qualify to the regional championship. Below is the list of NC Level 5 and Level 6 Regional Qualifiers. Congrats to these athletes.

2014 NC Level 5 and Level 6 Regional Qualifier List

2014 Region 8 Championship Website

2014 NC Men’s State Championship Final Information

The 2014 NC Men’s State Meet will be hosted by eNeRGy Kidz on March 15 – 16, 2014.  This state championship will be one of the largest ones in past years with over 320 boys competing throughout the weekend.   At the state championship no only will we name the 2014 NC State Individual and Team Champions in all levels, but will also be naming our Region 8 Qualifiers. A link on the right side bar will give you information regarding the qualification for Region 8 Championship.

The Final Schedule can be found below as well as on the NC Competition Page.


Region 8 Qualification and Tentative Schedule Information

The qualification procedure has been determined and is now posted.  Gymnast can either qualify at the state championship via the allotment or through an accepted petition.  To see the state allotment as well as the entire qualification procedure, please click on the link below.

* Region 8 Qualification Procedure (Copy of the document can be found on the sidebar to the right as well)

The tentative schedule has been posted.  The final times will be determined after all state championships have concluded and all entries have been received.

* Tentative Schedule

2014 NC State Meet Information

2014 NC State Championship

The 2014 NC Men’s State Championship will be held at eNeRGy Kidz on March 15 – 16, 2014.  The preliminary information has been put on the Competition Page.  Coaches are asked to use the State Meet Entry form for register their athletes for the meet.

Preliminary Information
State Meet Entry Form
Link to Online Book at Marriott Hotel (One of the host hotels)

2014 NC Academic All-American Award

The 2014 NC Academic All-American Award is for any male gymnast who is 3rd -12th grade.  This award is for gymnast who maintain a 3.5 GPA, or equivalent up to this point of the 2013-2014 school year up to this point.  The coaches in the state want to recognize these athletes for their outstanding academic accomplishment and help to establish the importance of education at a young age.  The award winners will receive 2 certificates during the awards ceremony at their respective session at the state championship. The letter of recommendation from the teacher should give insight into the type of student they are as well as other characteristics that would make them a good candidate for the award. Complete applications should be sent to the address on the award no later than Wed., March 5

2014 NC Academic All-American Award (also can be found on the left of the page)

2014 Championship Information

2014 Region 8 Championship Information

The 2014 Region 8 Championship will be hosted on April 11 – 13, 2014 by Alabama Starz at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.  The website for the championship is now up and running.  The site contains general information, hotel information, and other information to help you keep up to date regarding the competition.  Important Information regarding hotels – we highly encourage you to book your hotel room for the championship as there are 2 other major sporting events taking place in Birmingham that same weekend. Just make sure you look at the hotels cancellation policy prior to booking

2014 JO National Championship Information

The 2014 JO National Championship will take place May 7 – 11, 2014 in Long Beach, CA.  The championship website now up and you find all information regarding the meet at the website. Qualification procedures have not been determined, but as soon as it is available it will be posted.

Club Allotment Form for Region 8 Championship

Once again it is that time of year that we need to get your gyms number of athletes at each level. This information will be used to determine the number of athletes your respective state has at the 2014 Region 8 Championship. Your respective state allotment numbers are determined prior to state championships based on the numbers from the sheets returned to the state chairman NOT the number of athletes at state championship. In addition, the number of Level 8 – 10 athletes will help to determine Region 8 allotment for the 2014 JO National Championship. The form must be emailed back to your respective state chairman no later than January 24.

A state allotted number of athletes is based on the total number of athletes turned in on these forms NOT the number of athletes registered for state championship.  A gym that does not turn in this form to their state chairman by the required date, will void their athletes opportunity to attend the 2013 Region 8 Championship.  Entry into state championship does not automatically guarantee them a spot within the state allotted number.  All Level 5 – 10 athletes must be listed on the form.  If an athlete is not on the form, then they are not eligible to attend 2014 Region 8 Championship. Again, if your club does not return the form or does not fill it out accurately, it will cost your athletes their spot at the 2014 Region 8 Championship.

Return the following form to your respective state chairman no later than Friday, January 24

Link to Club Allotment Form – must use this form